for Analysis
its Applications
and Computation

Mathematical Analysis and Applications - Plenary Lectures

Dear ISAAC Members,

the year 2018 will soon be history.  For each of us, this year has
brought some beautiful but also difficult moments in the private but
also  in the business life or academic career, respectively. It was the
same in our society.

Several conferences (in Holon, Minsk, Novi Sad, Ribeirao Preto, Rostov,
Torino) were organized by some of our members and supported by ISAAC.

These were mostly activities of our Special Interest Groups.

We could welcome more than 70 new members and we are now around 300
members. On the other hand we lost a few members.

When you review mathscinet, you see that our members have completed many
new math activities and book projects.

In particular, it is a pleasure to announce that the volume of plenary
talks has recently appeared (see attachement). Many thanks Luigi Rodino
and Joachim Toft.

Many thanks also all ISAAC members for their valuable work for ISAAC.

I wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Year 2019,

let us meet in Aveiro at the end of July.

Michael Reissig
President of ISAAC


2019 (Aveiro, Portugal)