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International ISAAC-Congresses and ISAAC-Awards

The International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation has the acronym ISAAC. Analysis is understood here in the broad sense of the word, including differential equations, integral equations, functional analysis, and function theory. It is the purpose of ISAAC to promote analysis, its applications, and its interaction with computation. With this objective, ISAAC organizes international Congresses for the presentation and discussion of research on analysis. ISAAC welcomes new members and those interested in joining ISAAC are encouraged to also look at the website

The First International ISAAC Congress was held at the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, U.S.A. during the week 03. - 07. 06., 1997.

The Second ISAAC Congress was held during 16. - 21. 08., 1999 at Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan.

As a novelty at the opening ceremony of the second congress ten ISAAC Awards were handed over to those younger mathematicians who where elected by an Award Committee. The awardees were

The price was US $ 500 for those awardees who were attending the congress. The fund for these awards was raised by the local organizers Professor J. Kajiwara and Professor M. Nishihara. The award committee consisted of H. Begehr, A. Bourgeat, A.K. Brüning, A. Fasano, C.H. Fitzgerald, A. Jeffrey, J. Kajiwara, J. Noguchi, P. Tamrazov, C.C. Yang (Chairman).

The Third International ISAAC Congress was held from 20. to 25.08., 2001 at Freie Universität Berlin. Again 10 young mathematicians were decorated with an ISAAC award. 8 of them have participated in the congress and have received the award equipped with DM 800,-- and some books. The money was donated by Berlin Mathematical Society, Daimler Chrysler, Motorola, and Siemens, the books came from Elsevier, Kluwer, Academic Publishers, Springer Verlag, and World Scientific. The awardees were:

The Fourth International ISAAC Congress was held at York University, Toronto, Canada from 11. to 16. 08., 2003.

The Fifth International ISAAC Congress was held at the University of Catania, Italy, from 25. to 30. 07., 2005. Two young mathematicians were elected for the ISAAC award

The participating D.V. Georgievskii had received the price of € 400.

The Sixth International ISAAC Congress was held at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, from 13. to 18. 08., 2007. One ISAAC award with € 500 was given to

The Seventh International ISAAC Congress was held at Imperial College London, GB, from 13. - 18. 07., 2009. The ISAAC award was presented with € 500 to

The Eighth International ISAAC Congress was held at The People's Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. Two young colleagues were elected for an ISAAC award

As V.W. Elling did not participate at the congress just V.E. Fedorov was decorated and received € 500.

The Ninth International ISAAC Congress was organized at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, from 05. - 09. 08., 2013. The ISAAC award with € 500 went to

The ISAAC society will continue in encouraging young researchers in analysis, its applications and computation by awarding prices for high quality research at its international congresses.


The proceedings of the First ISAAC congress were published in 8 volumes. Only 4 of them have appeared in the ISAAC series published with Kluwer. The 8 volumes are

The proceedings of the Second ISAAC Congress were published in 3 volumes:

The 7th International Colloquium on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis was held in Fukuoka, Japan, in August 1999 ahead and connected with the Second ISAAC Congress. All contributors are real or virtual participants of the Second ISAAC Congress. Almost all contributions of the session on Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and one half on the contributions on Clifford Analysis are absorbed in the book:

The proceedings of the Third ISAAC Congress were published in 3 volumes:

The proceedings of the Forth ISAAC Congress were published in 2 volumes:

The proceedings of the Fifth ISAAC Congress are:

Proceedings of the Sixth ISAAC Congress:

Proceedings of the Seventh ISAAC Congress:

Proceedings of the Eighth ISAAC Congress:

Proceedings of the Ninth ISAAC Congress:

Further publications of ISAAC

Kluwer ISAAC Series

In 1997 Kluwer Academic Publishers have agreed to publish a book series "International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation". It was even agreed upon payment of US $ 500 to ISAAC for any book published. Unfortunately the financial situation soon became tough for scientific libraries and ISAAC never got paid for its books. Nevertheless between 1998 and 2003 altogether 10 volumes have appeared before Kluwer merged with Springer and Springer then had shown no interest in publishing proceedings volumes. As a replacement for this Kluwer ISAAC series a new book series "Series on Analysis,Applications and Computation" was founded with World Scientific in 2004. The 10 ISAAC series volumes are among the above listed proceeding volumes. They are

Managing Editor

Robert P. Gilbert
University of Delaware, USA

Advisory Board

Heinrich Begehr
Free University of Berlin, Germany

Antonio Fasano
University of Florence, Italy

Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos
Aristotle University, Greece

Chung-Chun Yang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

World Scientific SAAC Series

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